• What is Frocktober?

    Frocktober challenges ladies (and men) to don a frock every day in October, and get sponsored for it - to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
  • How to donate

    Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

    • On-line payment: visit www.frocktober.org, and include my registration number (673412) in the confirmation page.
    • Electronic Funds Transfer: Enter my registration number (673412) in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service (Account name: Frocktober Inc
      BSB 633000
      Account number 134323187).

    • Cheque/Money Order: Payable to Frocktober Incorporated; post to Frocktober Inc, 10 Mulquiney Crescent, Highton VIC 3216.


Got word during the week that the official Frocktober grand total raised this year is $112,807.22. To which you lot contributed nearly $1200. Pat yourselves on the back. Apparently the OCRF will post your receipts out next year, well before tax time. Meanwhile, it’s entirely Frocktober’s fault that this happened: I saw it online and … Continue reading

Sunday October 31st: THE END!!!

This is it! The last day, at bloody last. But first, from last night: And then, today: Things I’ve learned: 1. I feel less safe walking in a frock. Especially at night. In a frock I have a heightened sense that men — especially strangers — feel a greater entitlement to comment, or worse, on … Continue reading

Saturday October 30th: the End is Nigh

It’s Derby Day. All the tarts on the field will be getting wet, but it still seemed like a cocktail frock was in order. Should get at least one in before the month is out: The frock is from Review. Bought on sale for $60 five or six years ago, from the outlet on Bridge … Continue reading

Friday October 29th: three more days!

Due to a combination of previously overlooked champagne stains on the cocktail dress I intended to wear today, the predicted 28˚C “dry day” and that silkymit-related leg waxing situation, I have sucked it up and gone with a maxi dress: Word: THERE’S ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT! If your sponsorship is to make next week’s final … Continue reading

Thursday October 28th: four days to go

Hmmm. This frock didn’t seem quite so short last time I wore it:

Wednesday October 27th: five days to go!

I’m not counting down. Really. I am counting up: to Pantvember! What is Pantvember, you ask? I’m glad you asked?! During Pantvember, wear pants [or skirts/frocks — such as today’s — over tights] to raise awareness of a tragic, disfiguring disease plaguing our cities: tights/leggings worn as pants. I like how simple and forgiving this … Continue reading

Tuesday October 26th: the home stretch

So anyway, wearing frocks all the time necessitates other considerations, such as ‘what do I do with my legs between waxings?’ (No militant feminism, please; I’m a social succumber). I tried these Silkymit things yesterday. They seemed to do the trick — until I put moisturiser on last night and immediately wondered why my knees … Continue reading

Monday October 25th: Countdown

As the final week begins, I decided to break out one of my fancy evening frocks, seeing as I’ve got a few (some have been given to me; others have been bought for the black tie-type occasions I used to get invited to as Arts Editor of Beat). The last time I wore this one … Continue reading

Sunday October 24th

Just over a week to go. It’s very sunny, but BOM says it’s only 17 so I may be a trifle cold in this: But if I’m cold, I’m doing it for a reason. With, as noted above, only eight days to go, if you haven’t sponsored me yet, now is the perfect time to … Continue reading

Saturday October 23rd

Because he has sponsored me, Mashes gets an appearance from my party dress. If you sponsor me (and have a party in the next week, and invite me to it) you too may get the party dress at your party.